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Athletic Timing Processor (ATP)

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Timing athletic events since 1989

Main ATP unit in transit case with printer

  • Large easy to read graphic display
  • Auto off Backlighting
  • 4 timing modes
  • 1/10, 1/100 or 1/1000 timing resolution
  • Comprehensive menu setup system
  • Simple easy to use button interface
  • Inbuilt high speed thermal printer
  • Real-time race logging and display
  • Inbuilt clock / calendar for event logging
  • More than 450 race internal memory
  • PC downloadable
  • Chief time keeper and inhibit inputs
  • 8 to 12 hours continuous operation
  • Housed in a aluminium transit case
  • Athletic and Surf Life Saving versions
Optional PA starter system Remote radio linked starter and strobe
  • Radio starter system

  • Start gun input

  • Bright flash for remote start backup

  • Visual battery recharge indication

  • Tripod mounting included

  • Auto starting of ATP timer

  • Optional integrated PA system

  • Integrated microphone and speakers

  • KefFob transmitter false start option

8 lane gate system with safety covers

  • Optional automatic gate system

  • Auto event finishing

  • Accurate timing with 2 adjacent beams required to be broken to trigger

  • Optional Bluetooth serial link

  • Remote your ATP console to a Bluetooth serial bridge for USB PC connection

  • Up to 100M range standard or up to 1Km with patch antenna both ends

ATP release log web (PDF 20K)

Software Upgrade Instructions (PDF 46K)

ATP-300 SERIES manual 2006-11-29 (PDF 218K)

ATP-200 SERIES manual 2005-11-19 (PDF 500K)

Download Latest ATP Software Upgrades HERE
Download Latest CFA Software Upgrades HERE

  • Software user upgradeable to latest version via serial port and simple terminal program