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Software Development:  
  • Support for a wide range of micro-processors and systems on varying hardware platforms using numerous programming languages.

  • Microchip PIC processor range

  • 8051 and derivatives

  • MAC 7xxx & other ARM processors

  • Windows / (CE) / various Linux flavours

  • Various mainframe systems

Software Modules:  
  • Integration and experience with a wide range of software modules and project development history.

  • Real time Air Traffic Control software to smallest 8 pin embedded processors controlling a battery charger

  • Embedded file systems for memory cards CF, SD etc

  • Embedded Radio encoding and decoding modules

  • WIFI 802.11 and wired Ethernet

  • Common modules - Serial, Timers, RTC's etc

  • LCD display drivers, graphic and character drivers

  • Multi operating system applications using wxWidgets.

  • Embedding SQL data bases into applications

  • PDA application development